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If you really intend to be successful with your SEO & Internet marketing campaign, you will need to gather analytical data and information on the visitors to your web site and determine how they use it. The advanced Web and SEO analysis tools provide us with the opportunity to find out so much about our own company and its customers.

Onsite SEO often can make an immediate and profound impact on search engine positions. It can often be the case that a website has very good links to the site (Offsite SEO) already and therefore only needs onsite SEO to get the all-important 1st page search engine rankings. Our experience and approach to both onsite SEO and offsite SEO means we are producing great results for our clients.

One of the most heavily weighted tags in regards to on page optimization is the title tag. The title tag is also the link that a user sees and clicks on when they run a keyword search. Title tags should contain relevant keywords used to describe what the page is about. Title tags should be unique for each individual web page.

To correctly optimize a page it is necessary to add the proper tags to the page. This includes adding ALT tags to images. ALT tags are short and descriptive text that will show up when a user hovers over the image. Other tags include Meta tags like keywords and descriptions both used by search engines to retrieve content and return relevant search results to users.

Due to the ease with which on-page factors can be manipulated search engines now place more weight on so called off-page factors. Google made this form of ranking famous with its patented PageRank algorithm but researchers discussed using ideas such as link anchor text as far back as 1994.

Probably the most important of these criteria are the quantity of inbound-links using anchor text containing your target keywords. These should come from pages covering similar topics, preferably from large, long established authority sites. In the case of Google the higher the PageRank the better. All other things being equal, a link from a PR6 site is worth around eight to ten times that of a PR5 site. Remember that Google uses all inbound-links in its ranking process, not just those shown by the 'backlinks' option of the Google toolbar. Use Google Webmaster Tools, to get a greater picture of your backlink profile

The link between search and social media only becomes tighter as the search engines and the social web innovate and integrate together in ways which make both more valuable. From the standpoint of staying relevant and at the edge, the search engines and the social web need each other. They are working together for the benefit of users, but site owners can benefit too by creating a strategy embracing the search and social media connection.